Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Welcome to the Keystone blog!

Finally a blog from Keystone Foundation!

We are at the threshold of a new beginning. The journey began in November 1993, when three friends decided to explore the lives of traditional honey hunters and bee-keepers in the hilly areas of southern India. This opened up a whole new world. Back-packing mountain trails for a year, we discovered Kotagiri, a small town in the eastern slopes of the Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve and found the indigenous communities who lived close to the cliffs and forests, whose lives merged with nature. From a small rented place, our exploration commenced, on bees, forests and the lives of the indigenous people and communities.

What began as a small scale effort has been transformed into an institution. The experiences and learning from this place have the potential for significant change in man-nature inter-relationships. We have a dream to share.

We wish to explore associations, linkages and partnerships with like-minded individuals and organisations, who would like to be part of this adventure.

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